I’ve put together a little list of some questions you might have about me, prices, booking me, and how I work.

How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

How to describe my style…hmm, that’s a toughie. I would say I am a very laid back wedding photographer. I’m not one to stage manage or turn the day into some big production that makes your guests want to punch me. I completely go with the flow of the wedding. As cheesy as it sounds, I’m a people person. As such, I chat and mingle with your guests and become almost an extra guest at your wedding. This let’s me get in close and capture those real laughs and emotions that I probably wouldn’t get if I was some weirdo with a long lens shooting from inside a shrubbery. I guess you could say that I’m more documentary style in my approach, even if it is a bit of a cliche thing to say.

When it comes to things like the group formals, they are what they are. Get people in, get them lined up and take the photo. I’ve been to weddings where the photographer has taken forever to do them, and you can see people on the verge of tears from boredom. With me, there’s no faffing around. I’m pretty quick at getting through the group shots and I crack some rubbish jokes so that people are laughing at me…no no…with me…I think? The way I approach weddings, is that it’s about you two spending time with friends and family and having an awesome time. I’m not going to be taking you away for hours on end for photos, or making you recreate parts of the wedding. I’m just a laid back fella who’s awesome at taking wedding photos.

Do you do Wedding Films?

I do! My mini wedding films are perfect if you’re after another way to remember the big day, without spending a fortune on hiring a videographer. The films are all shot handheld and have an organic and intimate feel about them. You can find more information on my films here

How about a photo booth?

It just so happens that I have a photo booth option too! My booth is what’s called an open booth, in it’s simplest form it’s backdrop, fun props and a photographer. Head to my contact page for more information.

We are really awkward and uncomfortable in front of a camera and hate our photos being taken. Is there anything you can do?

Just about every single couple you see on my website has said exactly the same thing to me when booking. You’re not alone. The time we spend on portraits, is more about you guys hanging out and having a bit of breathing room after the intensity of the wedding day. As such I pretty much just get you two to chill out together in cool spots that I see. I am a fan of big landscape shots so I’ll guide you as to where I’d like you to be and give a bit of direction but all in all I’m not going to be spending 6 hours stage managing a cover shoot so don’t panic.

What areas do you cover?

I’m based in Kent, however I shoot weddings all over the place. I especially love travelling out of the area and shooting at new venues. Travel within the UK is included in my pricing. If you’re getting married abroad, drop me a line and we can discuss me coming over to shoot your wedding. It’s really not as expensive as you might think to bring a photographer with you. I’ve photographed weddings and couples in Iceland, Paris, Italy and Cyprus so do get in touch to find out more.

Are you insured?

I most certainly am. Personal liability and public indemnity insurance.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

It’s not something I have in my contract, or that I’m going to suddenly spring on you. If I am able to order myself some food at the venue I am more than happy to do so, or if there’s somewhere within walking distance I can get a hot meal from that’s great. For venues that are out in the sticks, it would be very much appreciated if you could arrange something for me. A lot of venues do provide “vendor” meals so do ask your venue about that. Please don’t think I’m asking for a 3 course meal as I’ll end up wanting a nap after eating that much!

Ok, so how much are you going to charge us?

My prices for photography start from £800 for a half day wedding, up to £2000 for a full day with an album. As you have probably found out from your wedding plans, weddings are as unique as the people getting married. Some people want a few hours coverage, others want multiple days, some even want more than one photographer. As such, I will give you a custom quote based on what you need from a photographer. Whether that’s just a disc with the images or albums and prints pop on over to my contact page and drop me a line, give me as much detail about your wedding as you can and I’ll send you a quote.

Mini wedding films are £700 and include a second photographer for the day. Adding a photobooth starts at £450.

How do we book you?

To book me for your big day, I ask for a £200 deposit along with a signed contract that I’ll send over to you. The balance is due 30 days before the wedding. Once that deposit and contract is with me I’ll get you up in my calendar and you are all confirmed. As you can probably imagine, wedding photographers book up pretty fast, so It’s best to get your photographer booked as soon as you can. I book up to 2 years in advance and my peak months are the summertime which fill up fast. Head on over to my contact page and lets get chatting

Can we print our own photos/make our own albums?

I upload all of your photos to an online gallery. This gallery has its own web address and is passworded. So the only people who can see those photos are whoever you give those details too. Through that site, you’re also able to order prints, wall products and other bits and pieces. I do offer a beautiful range of albums too. Should you wish to print photos or make albums yourself, you are absolutely more than welcome too. They’re your photos to do with what you will, if you do end up on the cover of Vogue, just give me a mention 😉

Anything else we should know?

When you book me, you don’t just book someone to take photos you’re getting an extra pair of hands on the day. I’ve been known to get wedding dresses tied up, help the groomsmen with their ties, sew up split trousers, act as a surrogate toastmaster, find emergency DJ’s, sing on the karaoke, throw shapes on the dance floor with mums and even drive a Bride to the church when the car broke down! All the while, capturing those all important special moments that happen on your big day. Weddings can be a real fast paced event, the slightest thing can change all plans and you need a photographer who can react to that and still get the absolute best from your day. Can’t go out into that field to do some sunset shots because its raining? No problem, I’ve got some umbrellas in the car, let’s go do some awesome rain shots. Whatever happens you can be sure that I will do the absolute best for you.


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