How to get the most out of your wedding photos.

Here are some of my tips to get the absolute best out of your wedding photos. Some of these are more about making yourself a bit more comfortable on the day, but trust me, you being more comfortable and less stressed can make a huge difference to the photos too!

Getting ready

Choose somewhere with plenty of space and natural light. It can make a huge difference having space to move around, and having lot of natural light means your make up artist will love you too. I’d also recommend making everyone get dressed and ready before you. That way we can do a reveal and catch people’s faces as they see you for the first time


Buy more than you think you’ll need…and then some more. A lot of guests tend to assume the couple will supply confetti and so don’t bring any. That ends up with people rationing out what they have. Get loads of it and you’ll have amazing confetti shots

Look at each other

Now this sounds obvious but bare with me. It can be nerve wracking getting married, especially being the centre of attention. When you walk down the aisle, make sure you look at your soon-to-be-spouse, and even more so when you’re actually getting married. I see so many couples say their vows to the celebrant rather than each other. Forget everyone else in the room, this is your moment.

Give yourself some space

When you walk down the aisle, don’t bunch up close. Let your entourage get at least half way down the aisle before you start walking down. Not only will this give your betrothed a clear look at you, but it gives me an opportunity to get a nice clear shot of you walking down.

Time and Light

When making your wedding plans, take into consideration what you might be dealing with light wise. A 4pm December wedding is going to be suuuper dark, and will leave hardly any time for portraits outside and group shots. Even bringing the wedding forward by an hour can make a huge difference.


Alternative footwear

You’ll thank me for this one. There’s a lot of standing around on a wedding day, having a pair of comfy shoes to slip into will make your feet happy. Not only this, but if we go on a trek for a cool location and the ground is a bit mucky, you won’t ruin your wedding shoes. You can always slip them back on once we’re ready to do portraits.

The first dance

I’m not suggesting you choreograph some big ballroom number, but try and move around rather than awkwardly shuffle from side to side. Look at each other and laugh at the awkwardness of it all. Also, tell your DJ to get everyone to join in after 30 seconds it makes things way less uncomfortable

You don’t have to please everyone

This is your big day, if you don’t want to do 200 group shots with every member of your extended family, you don’t have too. Trust me, I’ll get photos of them anyway, but they’ll be photos of them having a laugh and enjoying the day.

Trust me

Yes it’s raining outside, but if I run up to you and I’m all like “Guys, it’s raining, lets do a photo out in it” it’s because I know it’s going to look amazing!

Have fun

My final tip is to just have fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff, let other people organise and run the actual day. You two have worked hard to get to this day, make sure you enjoy it. It’ll go way quicker than you think!



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