As I am transferring everything over from the old blog site, I thought I would post a short write up and some photos of last years Hevy Festival in Folkestone. I’m not intending this as a full review but more a recap on my favourite bits from the day.

I have to say, for a relativly new event this one was well planned and very well executed. The crowds were happy, the beer was flowing and if it hadn’t been for the pesky rain it would have been a impeccable day!

I was stoked to get my photo pass mainly for the fact that I am a Gary Numan fan (I’m not ashamed) and had really only gone to get some photos of him for FestivalPhoto. I wasn’t overly looking forward to standing/shooting my way through all the other bands just to get to him, but as i stood in the pit i must admit I was blown away by some of the other bands especially Sonic Boom 6 who rocked the crowds and even had alot of the kids joining in too


Many many more bands came and went throughout the day, but  for the life of me i can’t remember all their names, however I have posted some photos below of the other awesome bands who played…but of course….the main man of the day had to be NUMAN! For a man who must be about a hundred years old by now, Gary Numan can still rock out with the young’uns. He played his classics such as Cars and Are Friends Electric, and it was quite a sight watching the young crowd slip away and the “more reserved” Numan Army arrive. For those of you who are fans like me please feast your eyes over a small selection of the best of Gary Numan from that day, following those you shall find some of the other bands who played at the Hevy Music Festival 2009


Moving forward the new Hevy Festival will be a 2 day affair and promises to be bigger and better than last year. If the good people at Hevy see fit to grant me with another photo pass I shall bring you all the action from the weekend.

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