Kirsty & Lewis { Horsmonden }

June 13, 2013

I’ll hit my 100th wedding later on this year, which is quite a big thing for me. The thing with wedding photography is that a lot of photographers fall behind, or realise it’s not for them and give up. Luckily I’m one of the ones who carried on, and I can honestly say that it’s the people I meet who make wedding photography in Kent so fun. From the silently loving, to the all out fun loving party demons I love each and every one of the couples I have worked with…Kirsty & Lewis’ wedding was no exception.

I met Kirsty at a Vintage Wedding Fair in Groombridge last year and soon after booked me for her big day. She immediately struck me as a lovely, outgoing lass who was going to have a stunning wedding, and boy did she ever!

We started bridal preps at the Ramada over in Pevensey and right from the offset Kirsty has to be one of the happiest people I have ever met. When it came to the church she practically skipped down the aisle with excitement. I think Lewis has her share of nerves. Kirsty and Lewis’ love for each other was so apparent, that even the minister of Horsmonden Church bought them a wedding gift of a chalk board love heart, so they could forever write love notes to each other.

Their reception was held at Lewis’ parents house, and was a real family affair. They set up a marquee, filled it with home made vintage style jam jars, decorated the table with hand made decorations and even hired vintage mismatched crockery to complete the look. You’d be forgiven for thinking that after doing all of this, the last thing they would want to do was make the food themselves. Well once again the family did wonders, and everything on the food table was made by friends and family who all chipped in time and effort to pull off an absolute culinary delight.

Come the evening reception, the family were once again working wonders and cooking up probably the best Paella I have ever eaten, whilst guests chatted round the bonfire, others popped some shapes on the dance floor, and a couple of guys decided to jump over the bon fire in spectacular fashion.

I hung around for a while after the first dance as I had a shot I wanted to try out. I’ve seen a couple of amazing night time shots with all the stars in the sky showing up and the couple beautifully lit (check out the amazingly talented Sam Hurd for a great example). Anyway, the couple braved it and we did it. It was an epic wedding, and I felt more like a guest than their photographer.

So here we go, the epic wedding of Kirsty & Lewis…I seriously could have posted every single shot I took…believe me, I struggled getting it down this much!

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photography

by James Heffernan
20:23 June 13, 2013

Beautiful photographs of a beautiful wedding!!

Paul Spree
20:25 June 13, 2013

What a great set of images, a brilliant reflection of an all day wedding, the story of the day is told through the images you view. Great work James.

Johnboy Wilson
21:16 June 13, 2013

Backlit, over the shoulder? Yes please! Did I just see someone doing a handstand in a fire????

Sharon Done
21:46 June 13, 2013

These photographs tell the tale of a beautiful, happy, love filled occasion and you have captured it perfectly! Thank you!

Eduardo Suastegui
00:38 June 14, 2013

Terrific all around wedding coverage. You captured the fun just right.

13:13 June 15, 2013

First off: I really like your editing! And what a fun looking wedding, gorgeous couple and oh the decoration in the tent. Awesome! I love the way you documented this very special day. Great work!

kong wai
13:57 June 15, 2013

Nice!! you captured it so well

Anton Chia
02:38 June 16, 2013

Beautiful shots. I love the venue night pic.

heather elizabeth
07:48 June 16, 2013

LOVE... LOVE that last frame. Incredible. The rest of the wedding is killer as well.

15:57 June 16, 2013

love the guys in the fire and the sun soaked portraits. the bride's smile is completely infectious. great work.

19:45 June 16, 2013

WOW!! Last one is epic...

Lisa O'Shaughnessy
20:30 June 16, 2013

Such a beautiful & unique wedding!! Matched with an amazing, unique photographer!! Fantastic work as usual Mr Heff xxx

heather nan
21:04 June 16, 2013

The church door portrait... beautiful. Well done all around!

23:27 June 16, 2013

You documented the day perfectly! I also really love the church door portrait.

Amy Barton
11:17 June 17, 2013

Wow - what amazing coverage from a totally amazing day! Great processing and love all the details ...

Derek Martinez
15:42 June 17, 2013

You documented and captured their wedding beautifully!

15:47 June 17, 2013

What a fun, pretty bride! She's beaming from ear to ear in almost every photo. Great work!

20:44 June 17, 2013

what an incredible set of images! such a gorgeous wedding + you captured all the emotion + details flawlessly.

07:55 June 18, 2013

Lovin your editing style, and those sunset portraits are killer!

Mark Pacura
00:53 June 19, 2013

Really love your style - great photos!!!

Paul Fuller
18:42 June 27, 2013

Man I am loving your work, that last shot is just superb

Martin Price
08:37 July 25, 2013

Congratulations on your 100th wedding! Love that final image :-)

Joseph Hall
15:48 August 8, 2013

love this shoot - a great feel to the day - fantastic images to celebrate your 100th wedding! well done!

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