I’ve known Heidi’s sister Ellie and her Mum Cindy for a couple of years now. My wife sings in the church choir and I met them through her, so when Cindy told me that her daughter was getting married and they’d like me to photograph it, I couldn’t resist.

It was a truly emotional day for all. Heidi’s Dad sadly passed away, but was definatley there in spirit with us all and a table was set up with a lovely tribute to a man who was a truly loving father and devoted husband. During the ceremony and speaches, even I was almost moved to tears by the love shared by the family for each other and their friends.

The wedding was held at the stunning Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park on a blisteringly hot day. However the heat didn’t stop a very emotional Mike and Heidi from declaring their love for each other in front of those they love.

So without further ado, I present to you…The Ramseys


Weddings at Richmond Park

Weddings at Richmond Park

Weddings at Richmond Park

Pembroke Lodge Weddings

Heidi & Mike Pembroke Lodge

Heidi & Mike Richmond Park


by James Heffernan

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