Why you should print your wedding photos.


Something that always make me chuckle at weddings, is watching people dance. Most of the time it’s an old classic that gets everyone on the dance floor. The Macarena, Saturday Night, a cheeky bit of steps, you know the songs I mean. The cheese that we would never listen too day to day, but pop it on at a wedding and people go nuts for it. The part about this that makes me laugh is thinking about the future. Can you imagine in 20 years time, parents regaling their children about how they use to dance the night away to Despacito, and how Beiber was the best artist ever. I have a point to this I promise, and that point is nostalgia.

I can vividly remember as a kid, sitting on my Grandads knee looking through old photos. Seeing pictures of him at my age, the clothes he wore, the places he visited, even the smell of the paper and ink. In this digital age, I think it’s easy to forget just how important the printed image is



Touch is a huge part of how we connect. Having an album in your hands and physically being able to touch that photo as opposed to swiping on an ipad is a powerful thing. Seeing your photos is one thing, but being able to hold something tangible is a different experience altogether.

Technology moves fast

I realise I’m in danger of sounding like old man here with this article, but remember Myspace, Geocities? Those places we used to store photos and stories not 10 years ago? They’re all gone now. Even the giant that is Facebook may not be around in years to come. Not to mention that media types change and disappear (floppy discs anyone?) Even some laptops don’t come with a usb connection these days. Printed photos are timeless and don’t run out of charge.

Your children will be grateful

Being able to look back through your history is priceless. Imagine your wedding album being passed around Christmas 2058 by your grandchildren. Them showing your great grandchildren where they came from and how people used to dress. Coming back to touch, again there’s that connection that comes from printed photos that you just don’t get with a small screen. When you print your photos, you’re giving your family both present and future a valuable gift that’s a powerful way to connect through the generations

You don’t look at them

How many photos on your phone do you look at regularly? Now if they were on your wall in the form of a beautiful print, or on your coffee table in an album. If you get your photos printed, you’re going to look at them more often.

Fill those walls!

I change the colour of my living room walls at least twice a year, but the one thing that stays are the photos I have hanging up. Photos make great décor, especially in a nice frame.

Digital and Print aren’t enemies

Sure, technology changes but that’s also a good thing. Being able to print a photo at super high resolutions and in amazing quality is a fantastic thing. Not to mention that archival inkjet prints and can for over 100 years when stored properly.

USB sticks get lost

That tiny little USB stick with all your photos on? I guarantee at some point that’s going to get lost. I am by no means saying you shouldn’t have digital copies of your wedding photos, but you are far less likely to lose an album or a print off your wall than you are a USB drive.

Your photos are valuable

I’m sure your wedding photos mean a lot to you now, but think how much they will be worth to you in 20,30 or even 40 years’ time? It’s a sad fact of life that some of those people in those pictures may not still be around, but their memory and your memories will always live on through printed photos.


I really encourage you to get your photos printed. Hell, you don’t even have to get your prints done through me, but do get them printed. I guarantee you won’t regret it

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