Ran & Andy, what can I say about these two. Well for starters you only have to spend a couple of minutes with them to tell just how in love with each other they are, secondly they both have THE most infectious laughs. Ran and Andy were sent my way by friend and fellow photographer Michael. He was booked that day and passed them my details. Ran and I have a running joke that I’m always driving, the reason is that every time she’s rang me Im driving.

Ran and Andy got married at the stunningly beautiful Chilston Park hotel in Maidstone, Kent. I’ve shot there a few times now, and even been there as a guest at a wedding. The staff are always so wonderfully friendly and the venue itself is pretty unique, especially with it’s decor.

They got married in the Orangery on a gloriously sunny day. Andy’s German friends and family had made the trip over to celebrate their big day with them and even had a couple of little surprises for the couple later in the day. Following the ceremony, all the guests were ushered outside for drinks and canapés. A table had been set up with a guest book and the guests took photos of themselves, stuck it in the book and wrote a little message for the couple. Treats on a Tricycle were also there serving up their delicious ice cream, dressed in vintage costumes.

After the meal, we had the speeches. Andy’s 3 best men gave a hilarious speech and even managed to bring up the world cup and our inevitability of us crashing out. There was one final speech before the first dance, which was set to a slideshow of Andy and Rans life. Needless to say everyone was in stitches. Before the first dance began, some of the children got up to sing a Ed Sheeran. The first dance was a-mazing. They did the electric slide to Candy by Cameo, before long lots of the guests had joined them on the dance floor, if I didn’t have two left feet I’d have been on that 100%


Anyway, here are my highlights from Ran & Andy’s big day at Chilston Park in Maidstone.

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