Hold onto your hats, this is a long post! I tried cutting down my blog post, but there was so much awesome at this wedding it has to be shared.

Lets start with the venue. The Oak Grove, in Upchurch, is a relatively new wedding venue in Kent. Sat on the bank of the River Medway, its a beautiful little woodland wedding venue. The weddings take place in an arbor under neath the tree canopy, with the food and evening festivities taking place in a huge tipi/tent that they have their. I know this may sound weird, but…the toilets are awesome. They’ve converted some horse boxes into toilets, you know they’ve done a good job when you look at them and think “Damn, they look better than my bathroom!”

Vonnie & Jamie are childhood sweethearts, and two of the coolest people I’ve ever met. FostFest was what the wedding was named, and it had an amazing festival feel to it. We were blessed with glorious sun all day and the breeze off the river kept it nice and cool. Vonnie, Jamie and their families had put a lot of effort into decorating Oak Grove and it looked stunning. Hundreds of hand made pom poms hung all over the place, the cake was made by the bride…they even had my favourite cakes on the cake table (Battenburg just in case you ever want to buy me a cake) They had food trucks putting out porchetta and cajun chicken burgers and tasted amazing! There’s so much I could say but I’ll let you look through the photos and see all the touches they worked so hard putting together.

The ceremony was an emotional one, it was clear to see how much Vonnie and Jamie loved each other, and there was barely a dry eye in the house during the ceremony. Cary, their beautiful German Shepherd puppo was there on the day too and waited for Vonnie at the front of the aisle. I’ve heard a lot of speeches in my time as a wedding photographer, but the speeches these guys had genuinely had me laughing out loud.

Anyway, enough chit chat from me, lets see some photos! Here is Vonnie and Jamies wedding at The Oak Grove, Upchurch.

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